Ness Book Fest 2019

3rd to 5th OCTOBER 2019

“One of the highlights in my yearly calendar”


About Ness Bookfest

The first NessBookFest took place in November 2016 and returned in 2017 with a taster day at Inverness Town House on 9th September, followed by the main 2017 NessBookFest which took place over the 5th to 8th October, with an extensive programme of performances by both local and visiting authors.

NessBookFest is arranged by the community, for the community. As a matter of principle our events are free to attend and held in accessible, central locations throughout the city to encourage not only the typical book festival demographic to attend, but also to reach those who have never been to a book festival before. Our guest authors write in a wide range of genres for all age groups, collectively offering a widely appealing programme for audiences. This festival itself and smaller events showcase the Inverness area as a creative centre, which produces a considerable amount of home-grown talent, and we provide an opportunity for local emerging authors to share a platform with well-established writers from further afield. Reflecting and celebrating the strong arts scene in Inverness and the Highlands, NessBookFest is of benefit to the whole community.

Our Aims are:

  • To run a no-barriers book festival in Inverness, being inclusive on all grounds such as: cost, social background, ability, age and ethnicity.
  • To develop and strengthen links with other organisations and community groups thus enabling an increase of event outputs and impact.
  • To hold pop-up events throughout the year, providing more opportunities for the community to participate, as well as more widely publicising and creating interest for our main Festival in October

Upcoming Events

12th October 2019

Dans Event 4

Start Time: 10:00 am
Event Type: Open/Free
Location: Adder Business

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